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Chinmaya Mission of Orlando is offering Bharathanatyam  classes taught by Anandi Srinivas, director at the Navarasa Academy. anandi

Navarasa academy was started in the year of 2004.  Navarasa means 9 Rasas which stand for Shringaara (love), Haasya (laughter), Karuna (compassion), Roudra (anger), Veera (courage), Bhayaanaka (fear), Bheebhatsya (disgust), Adbutha (wonder), and Shaanta (tranquility).

 Classes are conducted every Sunday at Chinmaya Mission Orlando from 1PM onwards.





About Anandi Srinivas


Anandi began her career in dancing at the age of 10. She joined Darpana Academy of Performing Arts at that age and has been dancing for over 25 years. Anandi also trained in Drama, Kalaripaitu (Indian Martial Arts), Contemporary Art forms, Puppetry, Mask making, Voice training, Yoga, Mud mirror work, Costume designing and Folk dance of various states in India.

Anandi ji performed in countless dance dramas, classical & contemporary productions choreographed by Smt. Mrinalini Sarabhai & Dr. Mallika Sarabhai. Anandi also performed in numerous folk dances through Janavak Repertoire.


Anandi also worked and choreographed with major directors such as John Martin – U.K., Jim – France, Jonathan Holander – USA, Massimilliano Troiani – Italy, K. Antonellausai – Italy, Behnoosh Taheri – Iran, Rosario Jaramillo – Colombia, Nicholas McBride – Australia, Suncica Milosavlsevic – Yugoslavia, Symon Macintyre – Scotland, Ellen Rose – Netherland, Samiya Malik, Rita Maffei – Italy, and Karine Saporta – France.


For more information Please contact Anandi ji at


Phone: (813) 507-9974
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